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Rally at the capitol

Workforce Crisis

We need bold action to recruit, retain, and train enough qualified educators to support Oregon students.
The education workforce crisis didn't happen overnight, it's been decades in the making. We're fighting to address the root causes that are pushing educators out of the profession and blocking the next generation of educators from entering it.
Learn more about the state and federal resources available to help support educators, and learn more about the ways we're fighting to address the current education workforce crisis.

Early Career Educators

Early Career Educators (ECEs) are educators who have entered the profession in the past five years.

Regional Educator Networks

Connecting educators with one another throughout Oregon, Regional Educator Networks (RENs) are a great way to find support and access new resources.

Student Loan Forgiveness

By working to cancel student debt and improve forgiveness programs, we can make sure everybody who wants to learn and grow can do so—without exceptions.
Hannah St. Clair, Aspiring Educator
Through OEA's Aspiring Educator program, I have found a supportive community who will be with me every step of the way as I make my way in to the education profession as a new teacher.
Quote by: Hannah St. Clair, Aspiring Educator, University of Oregon
OEA Grow Podcast

Educator Voice, Amplified

OEA Grow is an educator-led podcast, by members and for members. Rotating member hosts interview fellow OEA member educators to share tools, ideas, and strategies to improve educators' professional and personal life.

Ready, Set, Grow!

OEA provides high-quality, member-led professional learning to help educators improve their professional practice, support student success and excellence, and build community with other educators across Oregon.

What’s on Your Mind?

We’re here to help. Our community comes to us seeking tools (guides, reports, trainings, and more) to help answer everyday questions. We’re here to support you in whatever you need.

Keeping the Promise of Quality Public Education

The Oregon Education Association (OEA) is a union committed to the cause of providing the basic right of great public education to every student. OEA represents about 41,000 educators working in pre-kindergarten through grade 12 public schools and community colleges. OEA’s membership includes licensed teachers and specialists, classified/education support professionals (ESPs), community college faculty, retired educators, and student members. OEA members also belong to the 3.2 million members of the National Education Association (NEA).